Rotate a Path around a Point: Double Pendulum Case

Double Pendulum in TikZ LaTeX

This tutorial is about drawing a double pendulum in LaTeX using TikZ package. Mainly, this example is chosen to learn how to rotate a path around a point in TikZ. For more free body diagrams, check simple pendulum, atwood’s machine, inclined plane and parachute system.

Free Body Diagram of an Inclined Plane in TikZ

Free body diagram of Inclined Plan TikZ

In this tutorial, we will draw a free body diagram of an inclined plane with a load resting on top of it in LaTeX using TikZ package. We will draw a triangle to represent the inclined plane, a rectangle for the load, then add arrows with labels to highlight different forces.

Free Body Diagram of Atwoods Machine in TikZ

Atwood Machine in TikZ

In this post, we will learn how to draw the free body diagram of Atwood’s Machine in LaTeX using TikZ package. At the end of this tutorial, we will be able to: 1) draw a circle, a rectangle and a trapezium; 2) fill a shape with patterns and create smooth corners. 3) draw arrows and add labels.

TikZ Free Body Diagram Skydiver with Parachute

This TikZ tutorial is about drawing a free body diagram of a skydiver with parachute. Mainly, we will learn how to: 1) draw an arc in LaTeX using TikZ, 2) use foreach loop for repetitive objects, 3) draw animals using the package TikZlings, and much more!