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To make the learning process appealing, we create fun activities from time to time. This includes solving mazes, puzzles and quizzes!

Circular TikZ Maze

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Here is a list of upcoming courses about learning how to draw high quality illustrations in LaTeX!

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TikZ for Beginners

Learn how to draw high-quality illustrations in TikZ through amazing challenges!


Block Diagrams in LaTeX TikZ

Draw Block Diagrams in LaTeX

This mini-course teaches you how to draw high-quality block diagrams in LaTeX.



Plot & visualize data in LaTeX

The course is about plotting high-quality charts and graphs in LaTeX.


Best Cover Pages

This cover page is created in LaTeX and it uses custom fonts (TTF files). This modern cover page has a background image which is added as a node in TikZ.

This beautiful cover page has been created in LaTeX using TikZ package. The ideas is to create multiple rotated rectangles with rounded corners  

The idea behind this stylish TikZ cover page is to create several hexagons with different sizes. This is achieved in one line code using foreach loop.

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About me

I am Benmiloud Mohammed, founder of latexdraw.com,  personal blog about drawing illustrations in LaTeX using different packages such as TikZ, Pgfplots and CircuitikZ. 

During my PhD studies, I faced difficulties when it comes to drawing technical illustrations for my research papers. After many attempts, I found TikZ  the best option for me. From that time, I am using it and encourage LaTeX users to do so. 

It's in TikZ so it must be beautiful

Mohammed Benmiloud