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Fun Learning Activities

To make the learning process appealing, we create fun activities from time to time. This includes solving mazes, puzzles and quizzes!

Circular TikZ Maze

Standard TikZ Maze

TikZ for Beginners Course is Live!

The course is an introduction to TikZ package which is dedicated to beginners. It has 9 lessons and each one has tasks and one big challenge. To cite few, the latter corresponds to: 

  • Solving a maze,
  • Drawing a logo, beautiful flower,
  • Solving Sudoku Puzzle, matchsticks puzzle, and much more!

Each challenge has a purpose, for example: solving a maze teaches you how to draw straight lines between points defined by cartesian coordinates (lesson 2).

Only $9.99
TikZ vs PGF vs Pgfplots

TikZ for Beginners

Learn how to draw high-quality illustrations in TikZ through amazing challenges!
In progress
TikZ vs PGF vs Pgfplots

Lesson 1: Required Packages and Libraries

This lesson introduces you to different packages and libraries that you may face in your learning journey!
In progress
TikZ Course

Lesson 2: Find Your Way Through a Maze

This lesson teaches you how to draw straight lines between points and customize them.
In progress

Lesson 3: Drive Your Ambition, Mitsubishi

We will learn how to use polar coordinates, rotate and fill closed paths in TikZ.
In progress
Flower in TikZ

Lesson 4: Where Flowers Bloom, so does Hope

In this lesson, we will learn how to draw the following shapes: rectangle, circle, ellipse and a grid.
In progress
Suduku in TikZ example

Lesson 5: The digits must occur only once, Sudoku Puzzles

In this lesson, we will learn how to save coordinates, create nodes and customize them
In progress
Yin and Yang in TikZ

Lesson 6: There’s Light And Dark, Day And Night, Yin And Yang

In this lesson, we will learn how to draw curved lines in TikZ using different operations.
In progress

Lesson 7: The Chinese Linking Rings Illusion

Learn about different line options, importing images to your tikzpicture, clipping and setting style in scopes.
In progress
Matchstick puzzle in TikZ

Lesson 8: Can you solve these Matchstick Puzzles?

Learn about rounded corners, line joins, line caps, and two fundamental transformations: scaling and shifting in TikZ.
In progress
Venn diagram TikZ Challenge

Lesson 9: Colors are the Smiles of Nature

Learn about colour mixing, defining new colours, different filling and drawing options, using opacity and transparency in TikZ.
In progress


This quiz is short test of your progress in the TikZ learning process!
In progress

W- Exclusive Service

This part is about lessons suggestions or illustrations that you would like to convert them to TikZ

Example of a Challenge

We would like to recreate Mitsubishi logo in TikZ. To this end, follow these instructions:

  • Use polar coordinates  (details of coordinates are shown below)
  • Use fill command and close the path with --cycle
  • Draw only one diamond and rotate it with different angles

Modify the following code and compile it to get the above result:


% Loading TikZ



% Diamond 1
	\fill[red] (0,0) -- (0:2) -- (-30:3.5);



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Best Cover Pages

This cover page is created in LaTeX and it uses custom fonts (TTF files). This modern cover page has a background image which is added as a node in TikZ.

This beautiful cover page has been created in LaTeX using TikZ package. The ideas is to create multiple rotated rectangles with rounded corners  

The idea behind this stylish TikZ cover page is to create several hexagons with different sizes. This is achieved in one line code using foreach loop.

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I am Benmiloud Mohammed, founder of latexdraw.com,  personal blog about drawing illustrations in LaTeX using different packages such as TikZ, Pgfplots and CircuitikZ. 

During my PhD studies, I faced difficulties when it comes to drawing technical illustrations for my research papers. After many attempts, I found TikZ  the best option for me. From that time, I am using it and encourage LaTeX users to do so. 

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