Three Dimensional Plotting in LaTeX

Colormap 3D surf TikZ Pgfplots LaTeX

In this tutorial, we will learn how to plot 3D functions and data in LaTeX using Pgfplots package. We will learn also how to create scatter plots, mesh plots and surface plots. Moreover, we will see how to customize our plot: changing colors, line width, grid style, axis lines, colormaps and much more.

TikZ Shape: Diamond

Diamond shape in TikZ

In this tutorial, we will learn how to draw a rectangle node shape in LaTeX using TikZ, change its size, its color and add text content.

How to Create Commutative Diagrams in TikZ?

3D commutative diagram in TikZ

This tutorial is about drawing commutative diagrams in LaTeX using TikZ package and cd library. The idea of this post is different from previous ones where we will start with a quiz for motivation and learning purpose. Then, we will provide a gallery of commutative diagrams drawn with TikZ with a short description.