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Tikz line styles

TikZ Line Styles: Chessboard Illusion as an example

This tutorial was a challenge for me to draw the shifted chessboard illusion in TikZ with a minimal code as possible. If you ask any TikZ user to draw the next illustration, you will get many interesting

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Poggendorff Illusion in TikZ

Today's tutorial is about using scope environment in TikZ and for fun we will consider drawing an interesting geometric illusion, known as "The Poggendorff illusion".This illusion is named after Johann

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clock in Tikz

How to use the Foreach Loop in LaTeX

In this latex tutorial, we will learn how to use foreach statement for repetitive things when we deal with illustrations using TikZ package. We will highlight the case of a loop with one

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Atwood Machine in TikZ

Free Body Diagram of Atwoods Machine in TikZ

View Image TeX code Open in Overleaf In this post, we will learn how to draw the free body diagram of Atwood's Machine in LaTeX using TikZ package. At the

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How to Draw a Torus in LaTeX using TikZ

In this TikZ tutorial, we will learn how to plot a torus using its mathematical equations. To achieve this we will use Pgfplots, a pretty powerful package based on TikZ/PGF. View Image TeX

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text along path in TikZ

How to Write a Text Along Path using TikZ: Speedometer Case

if you ask any TikZ user about how to draw this illustration, you may get different responses. Some of them are optimized (small codes) and some of them are complex to follow. This mainly returns to the

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TikZ Free Body Diagram Skydiver with Parachute

This short tutorial is about drawing a free body diagram of a skydiver with parachute. The obtained results will look like the next illustration. Mainly, we will learn how to:  draw an arc

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Phase portrait of Van-Der-Pol oscillator in TikZ

A phase portrait of a dynamical system is a geometric representation that depicts the system's trajectories in the phase plane. In this tutorial, we will learn how to draw the phase portrait of Van-Der-Pol

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Electric charge in TikZ

How to draw an arrow in the middle of a line in TikZ?

There are several methods that can be used to draw an arrow in the middle or at predefined position of a line. In this short post, we will highlight three methods and it's up to you to choose

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TikZ Shading: Captain America Shield

In this tutorial, we will learn how to add shading to a shape in LaTeX using TikZ package. This will be amazing, we will have fun by drawing Captain America’s shield (fictional character appearing in

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