Predefined LaTeX Colors: dvipsnames

This tiny post highlights the 68 predefined colors in LaTeX using the package xcolor. It should be noted that the basic LaTeX colors are always available when using the xcolor package, check the next illustration.

1. Importing the xcolor package

One of the xcolor package features is the accessibility to a predefined lists of colors: 

  • colors via dvipsnames option: loads a set of 68 cmyk color names which is the purpose of this post. 
  • colors via svgnames option: this option loads 151 rgb color names.
  • colors via x11names: loads a set of 317 rgb color names.

The following LaTeX code shows how one can load the xcolor package with the option dvipsnames.

Base Colors Latex

Basic LaTeX color names


%Loading xcolor with dvipsnames

% Loading the TikZ Package



	% Your code Here



We must declare the xcolor pachage before loading the TikZ package, otherwise it will not work. The next section presents the full list of color names.

2. LaTeX Color names

The latex color list is organized manually according to each color rather than alphabetical ordering. Here is the final result: 

Dvipnames LaTeX colors set 1

Dvipnames LaTeX colors set 2

Dvipnames LaTeX colors set 3

Dvipnames LaTeX colors set 4

3. LaTeX Color palettes

A color palette provides a combination of colors that look good together. Inspired by the color palette website, I decided to do the same for the 68 LaTeX colors list. If you liked it, leave a comment below and I will keep this post updated!

Here is the end of this tiny post. It will be used as a reference for the next tutorials, especially the ones that correspond to cover pages design. Check the cover pages gallery, which will be updated very soon with the LaTeX codes. Thanks!