RC High pass filter circuit in TikZ – CircuiTikZ

  • This post is about drawing a high-pass filter (HPF), type RC, in LaTeX using TikZ and CircuiTikZ packages. It's an electronic filter that passes signals with a frequency higher than a certain cutoff frequency and attenuates signals with frequencies lower than the cutoff frequency.
RC High pass filter in TikZ circuiTikZ

RC high pass filter drawn in LaTeX using CircuiTikZ

Short description

  • The RC high pass filter circuit diagram has two electrical components: a resistor and a capacitor. Both components have labels (R for the resistor and C for the capacitor). In addition, it has voltage labels which can be created by using the open circuit element. Moreover, the circuit is drawn above a rectangle filled with cyan color. Check the code below!

LaTeX code of RC High pass filter circuit


% Packages



% Change components size

% Cyan boxes
] (-1,-0.75) rectangle(5,3);

	minimum width=6cm,
] at (2,-1){\textbf{RC High Pass Filter} };

% Circuit code
\draw (0,0) to[short,*-*] ++ (4,0);
\draw (0,2) to[C=C,*-] ++ (3,0) coordinate(a);
\draw (a) to[short,-*] ++ (1,0);
\draw (a) to[R,l_=R,*-*] ++(0,-2);

% Voltage labels
\draw (0,2) to[open,v=V$_{in}$] ++(0,-2);
\draw (4,2) to[open,v=V$_{out}$] ++(0,-2);


  • If you would to write a detailed tutorial about it, leave me a comment below or reach me via e-mail at admin@latexdraw.com, I will be happy to hear from you 😊!