Draw Equivalent Model of Two Inverters with CircuiTikZ

  • This post is about drawing the equivalent model of two inverters supplying the same load in LaTeX using CircuiTikZ and TikZ packages
Equivalent Model Two Inverters in LaTeX using CircuiTikZ

Short description

  • The circuit consists of the following elements: AC sources, inductors, grounds and impedance. The latter is drawn using a resistor with a European style. Labels (inverter 1 and inverter 2) are added using node command. Check the code below!

LaTeX code of the equivalent model of two inverters


% Package



% Components size

% Circuit Code
\draw (0,0) node[ground]{} 
	to[sV,l=$E_1 \angle{ \alpha}$,i=$i_1$] ++(0,2.5) 
	to[cute inductor,l=$jX_1$,-*] ++(3,0)
	node[above]{\small $V \angle{0}$} coordinate(MidPoint)
	to[cute inductor,l=$jX_2$] ++(3,0)
	to[sV,l=$E_2 \angle{ \delta}$,i<=$i_2$] ++(0,-2.5)node[ground]{};

\draw (MidPoint) to[european resistor, l=$Z_\mathrm{load}$] ++(0,-2.5)

% Labels
\node[gray] at (0,-1){Inverter 1};
\node[gray] at (6,-1){Inverter 2};



Special thanks to Hans Schülein for his remark about labelling the circuit, I really appreciate it!

  • If you would to write a detailed tutorial about it, leave me a comment below or reach me via e-mail at admin@latexdraw.com, I will be happy to hear from you!