Find Equivalent Resistor Circuit in TikZ

  • This example is about drawing equivalent resistor circuit in LaTeX using TikZ and CircuiTikZ packages. It consists mainly on drawing resistors in series and in paralle.
Equivalent resistance in TikZ

Short description

  • The circuit consists of resistors with labels. We need to save coordinates to draw intermediate resistors. We need to add short circuit element to get open connection of A and B. We loaded the package siunitx to be able to use standard units (ohm for resistors)

LaTeX code of the circuit


% Packages



% Circuit code
\draw (0,0) node[below=0.2cm]{B} 
	to[short,o-] ++(0,1)coordinate(b1) 
	to[short] ++(1.5,0) 
	to[R,l_=$\SI{4}{\ohm}$] ++ (0,2.5)coordinate(c1) 
	to[R,l_=$\SI{4}{\ohm}$] ++ (0,2.5) 
	to[short] ++ (-1.5,0) coordinate(a1)
	to[short,-o] ++ (0,1) node[above=0.2cm]{A}  ;

\draw (a1) to[short,*-] ++ (-1.5,0) 
	to[R,l_=$\SI{3}{\ohm}$] ++(0,-2.5) coordinate(c2) 
	to[R,l_=$\SI{5}{\ohm}$] ++(0,-2.5) 
	to[short,-*] ++ (1.5,0);

\draw (c2) to[R,l=$\SI{3}{\ohm}$,*-*] (c1);


  • If you would to write a detailed tutorial about it, leave me a comment below or reach me via e-mail at, I will be happy to hear from you!