Fontawesome: Ready Icons to Use in LaTeX!

  • This post is about using fontawesome package in LaTeX which provides pre-made high quality web icons. These icons are designed by Dave Gandy "Font Awesome" and can be used easily in LaTeX documents and TikZ illustrations. Let's get into the details!

Fontawesome Package

The fontawesome package enables easy access to more than 1500 high-quality icons in LaTeX. These icons are covering many examples such as: animals, buildings, alerts, computers, brands, arrows, currency, date & time and much more!

  • In this post we will consider fontawesome 5 package (version 5.13.0, 2020/03/24). The package works with PdfLaTeX, XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX engines. Special thanks to Marcel Krüger, author of this wonderful package!

Usage \faIcon{}

The following code shows how one can insert icons in LaTeX using the Font Awesome package:



	This is an example of 
	youtube icon \faIcon{youtube} 

which yields:

youtube Icon in LaTeX
  • An icon is inserted by using the command \faIcon{the-icon-name}. The icon name corresponds to the official icon name, which most of the time can be obtained from "Most of the time" as it depends on updating the current package with new icons.

Regular style vs Solid style

Some icons have two variations: regular and solid styles. In this case, we add one of these options (regular, solid) to the \faIcon[styles]{icon-name}. The solid style is the default one. Here is an illustrative example:



	This is an example of an open folder 
	with a \verb|regular| style: \faIcon[regular]{folder-open} 

Open Folder icon latex Regular style


	This is an example of an open folder 
	with a \verb|solid| style: \faIcon[solid]{folder-open} 

Open Folder icon latex Solid style

Change the color and size of Icons in LaTeX

Icons in question are considered as a font style. Hence, Changing their color is the same as changing the text color which be easily done using one of these commands:

 \textcolor{color-name}{text and/or icon} 
 {\color{color-name} text and/or icon } 

The font size can be changed using \tiny, \scriptsize, \footonotesize, \small, \large, etc. The same is true for Icons provided by Font Awesome. In TikZ illustrations, treat font awesome icons as a part of text!

FontAwesome LaTeX TikZ icons

Commonly used icons for CVs

In this section, we will present commonly used icons for CVs and how it can be inserted in LaTeX. Check the next table:



TeX code

Youtube icon in LaTeX


University icon in LaTeX


Twitter icon in LaTeX


ResearchGate icon in LateX


Programming code icon in LaTeX


Phone icon in LaTeX


Paper icon in LaTeX


ORCID icon in LaTeX


Linkedin icon in LaTeX


Link icon  in LaTeX


Google icon in LaTeX


Google + icon in LaTeX


Github icon in LaTeX


Email icon in LaTeX


Cell phone icon  in LaTeX


Calendar icon in LaTeX


Business card icon in LaTeX


Book icon in LaTeX


At sign icon in LaTeX


Address icon in LaTeX


Achievement icon in LaTeX


  • We've reached the end of this tutorialIf you have any questions or remarks, leave me a comment below or reach me via e-mail at, I will be happy to hear from you!

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  1. Thaanks for your tutorial on falcon. This is the best thing I learnt about LaTeX in so many years. Please keep me informed/involved.

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    • Many thanks Dr. Partha,
      Your comment may took 1 minute to write it down but for me it really makes my day 😊!
      Thanks for the encouraging feedback, I wish you the best!

  2. FYI, the fontawesome5 package does *not* require fontspec, even if XeTeX or LuaTeX are used. It is specifically written to be independent of that. If it doesn’t work for you without fontspec, then you found a bug which should be reported (preferably by mail, the address is in the documentation).

    • Marcel Krüger, author of fontawesome5 package, what an honour!
      Indeed, it works without loading the fontspec package which is not the case with Fontawesome V4.6.3.2. I’ve updated it, let me know if you have any remarks. Thanks 🙂!

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